NAIIA Code of Ethics

The National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters (NAIIA) was established in 1937, to promote professional standards, to insure cordial working relations with one another, to promote the profession and to provide a vehicle to deal with common problems that arise in the business of handling claims for the insurance industry with the insuring public.

The standards by which the NAIIA membership comports itself is one of high moral standards, which each member has pledged to abide by as a member of the association. This is a duty that should not be treated lightly as membership in the organization sets one apart from one’s peers.

This article will focus on the Association’s Code of Ethics. The NAIIA’s Code of Ethics are as follows;

  1. To serve the business of insurance with loyalty and cooperate with insurers and their loss and claim executives and representatives in the proper handling of claims and losses.
  2. To conduct ourselves so to command respect and confidence.
  3. To promote, by an unvarying attitude of fairness, by confidence, by integrity, and by a proper respect for the persons with whom we have dealing, goodwill toward the business of insurance.
  4. To approach investigations and adjustments with an unprejudiced and open mind.
  5. To make truthful and unbiased reports of facts as we find them.
  6. To resist influences tending to produce improper and extravagant settlements and to serve our clients fearlessly.
  7. To avoid improper alliances.
  8. To work for economy and expense and render equitable bills.
  9. To refrain from improper solicitation.
  10. To render the highest quality of service.
  11. To work in harmony with one another and with our clients to foster cordial relationships among ourselves and with the insurance industry.

The eleven precepts of the code provide for a successful roadmap for one to follow in establishing a most credible position in our industry and to the insuring public we all serve.

In addition, one needs to comport oneself professionally when dealing with our fellow members. Article 9 of the Code of Ethics as well as Article 21 of the NAIIA’s Constitution & By-Laws clearly spell out what the duties and responsibilities are as it relates to dealing with employment of an employee of another member firm. Members who look past these duties, may be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in Article 23 of the Association’s Constitution & By-Laws.

The Constitution & By-Laws Committee from time to time will continue to provide the membership with information on the committee’s activities in our Association’s newsletter.

Respectfully Submitted,
Charles J. Reilly, Jr
Charles J. Reilly, Jr. CPCU, RPA, CPAU
Constitution & By-Laws Committee


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