Prohibited Conduct

  • Raising, lowering, or stabilizing fees;
  • Actual current or future rates;
  • What is a “fair” profit level;
  • Credit terms and other price-related or ancillary terms;
  • Individual company results, or current or future marketing or pricing strategies or business plans;
  • Allocation of markets or territories;
  • The concerted refusal to deal with a customer, supplier, competitor; or to provide a claims handling service;
  • Any other maters on which independent adjusters ordinarily compete with each other.

Individuals attending NAIIA functions or meetings have independent responsibility to comply with this NAIIA policy and all applicable laws.

Informal or unscheduled meetings of NAIIA committees, subcommittees, working groups,and the board should be avoided. The NAIIA recognizes that one important benefit it provides to its members is an opportunity to interact with other participants in the insurance claims business nationwide. When such interaction is properly focused on NAIIA business, it is beneficial and promotes the interests of the NAIIA and the public at large whom the member firms serve. At the same time, all individuals attending NAIIA meetings and functions should recognize that discussion or exchange of competitve information among competitors creates the same risks of antitrust litigation, even if such activities occur outside formal meetings. Consequently, competitve information should not be discussed during coffee breaks, meals, and social gatherings related to any functions.