Promote the Brand

In the weeks leading up to my installation as President of the Association, I was repeatedly asked what my theme was going to be for the year. Honestly, I had several themes, and I had a hard time settling on just one. Should I…

  • Focus on increasing membership? Yes! 
  • Increase our visibility in industry publications? Yes!
  • Display our association booth at every possible industry venue? Yes! 
  • Provide opportunities for our members to teach our trade to the next generation? Yes!
  • Provide training to our members that will give them a leg up on the competition? Yes!
  • Open new revenue streams for our members? Yes! 

I kept mulling over catchphrase after catchphrase trying to incorporate all these ideas into one theme and then I realized it was staring me in the face. My theme for this year is…

Promote the Brand. 

My focus will be to promote the NAIIA brand and to encourage our members to promote our brand. 

Why is it harder to recruit companies to join our Association? This is a frustrating question many of our leaders have asked. With all of our efforts, why did we have one new member last year? ONE! We know…

  • Our national officers have not been apathetic.
  • Our Regional VP’s have been planning amazing regional meetings. 
  • Our annual meetings have been hosted in big cities and at convenient venues.

I am asking our members…

Do you think our Association is “joinable?” Think of the last organization, club or group you joined. How easy was it to join? Did you have reservations about joining? What were your deciding factors?

Our Executive Board has been committed to bringing new faces into the Association. As a result, our membership application requirements were updated to allow three professional references instead of three client references because we found a significant number of applicants were apprehensive about giving us their client names.

Do you have colleagues in your sphere of influence who are just waiting to be asked to join our Association? Do you know what prospective members are looking for in our Association? Let your executive officers, as well as your Regional VP, know about potential candidates for membership. If necessary, let us help seal the deal. 

Throughout the year, the NAIIA is asked to submit articles for many insurance-related trade magazines. Credit should be given to the editors for their attempt to stay up to date on relevant issues in our industry. It’s great to know these publications are confident our members have pertinent and relevant solutions for our industry. 

The next generation of adjusting industry professionals are craving our guidance. I encourage you to write! 

  • Are you a residential property guru? Write about one aspect of an inspection you feel is not properly addressed. 
  • Do you handle liability? Can you identify a part of the process that needs a more detailed explanation for a novice? 
  • Do you handle transportation claims? Perhaps you can elaborate on the process behind the scenes post-accident that would be knowledgeable to another member.  

Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (CLM) gave our association four faculty positions to fill at their Claims College in Baltimore, MD this September. The CLM was purchased by The Institutes last year and are dedicated to meeting the professional development of the claims and litigation management industries. Peter Schifrin, Paul Graf, Rock Phillips and I will be co-instructing classes with another Fellow of the CLM. 

We were also awarded three scholarships each to give to worthy candidates. The scholarship covers registration only and is valued at $500.00. If you have anyone in your company who may like to attend, please let me know as soon as possible so we can get them registered. Travel and lodging are on the individual. We currently have three members registered and one individual from a NAC Member’s staff. 

Recently, NAIIA provided a new revenue stream for our membership through our appraiser/umpire certification program and it has been a resounding success. The Western, Mid States and Southwest Regions have participated so far with approximately 46 members completing the training. The Southeast and Eastern Regions will be hosting the class at their upcoming regional meetings. We should have in excess of a 100 certified appraisers/umpires on the books by the end of the year. 

When our schedules allow, we are holding independent classes for members who have adjusters scattered over several regions. We are also offering an abbreviated version of the class to carrier staffs as a benefit to our members.

President-Elect, Cathy Hester, and I have agreed to combine our objectives to cover a 2-year span. We feel “Promoting the Brand” and marketing the Association is of paramount concern and we can achieve more of our goals when both of us are singing from the same sheet of music. Cathy will remain Chairman of the Marketing Committee through 2019-2020. 

Cathy and I have committed to being present at as many industry events as possible and will be joined by Secretary/Treasurer, Peter Schifrin, and Executive Director, Sheri Csom, when possible. If there’s a regional activity you need us to attend, please let us know so we can do our best to be there.Joel Moore, 2019-2020 NAIIA PresidentCertified Appraiser/Umpire at Kevin Hromas & Associates, Inc. 


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