Purpose and Aims

The National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters was organized in April, 1937, with the hope of achieving the following goals and objectives:

  • To create dignity and invite a feeling of high regard to the business and profession of independent adjusting.
  • To cooperate with the insurance industry to the end that a cordial relationship would be fostered and maintained between the independent adjuster and the public.
  • To guide the activities of those engaged in the independent field to the end that the highest standards be encouraged and maintained.
  • To collectively conduct themselves so as to protect the business of independent adjusting against any form of activity found to be unjust or detrimental to the insurance industry.
  • To meet periodically for the purpose of fostering and developing a friendly, cordial and understanding relationship among members by exchanging ideas, discussing mutual problems, attempting to find solutions to matters concerning and affecting both the association and its individual members.
  • To correlate the various activities of this association in the interest of the profession of insurance adjusting and the public which it serves.
  • To provide to the companies relying upon the facilities of independent adjusting, a forum for communicating their service needs and challenges.