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As a member of the Society, you will enjoy the opportunity to network with other experienced adjusters in the property and casualty fields. Your designation as an RPA documents your knowledge and skill in adjusting. Carriers will know that you have obtained continuing education and that you have a strong commitment to ethics and values. The RPA is a premier designation for adjusters to recognize experience and expertise.

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The RPA Society provides you the capability of enlisting the assistance of an experienced, knowledgeable, and credentialed adjuster. Using our link, you can locate RPA’s across America and around the world, no matter where or when you need one.

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Our Competitive Edge

Adjusters holding the RPA designation stand above the rest. They are committed to ethical behavior and continuing education. RPA’s demonstrate their professionalism to domestic insurers as well as global carriers. Being credentialed claims professionals, RPA’s have enhanced credibility in the marketplace and during testimony.

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About RPA

Why does the RPA exist?

The RPA’s purpose is to provide a professional designation for those who exhibit significant experience, expertise, ethics, and knowledge while engaged in the business of  insurance loss/claim adjustments.

Who founded RPA?

The Society of RPA was founded in July 1996, by members of the California Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters.

What is the “Society of RPA”?

The Society of RPA is a U.S.-based, global professional society of claims adjusters. It has three clear objectives:

  • Develop and promote strict professional standards for claims adjusters encompassing experience, continuing education, and ethics. Provide the RPA Designation only to those adjusters who meet RPA standards and other RPA requirements.
  • Promote RPA professional standards as an industry benchmark of competence for claims professionals.
  • Advertise and promote the RPA designation as the global standard of excellence for claims adjusters, much as the CPA designation is regarded as a symbol of excellence for accountants.

Benefits for RPA Members:

  • A professional designation valid in the eyes of the insurance industry
  • Benchmark for competency in claim/loss adjusting
  • Provides a path for achieving professional status
  • A portable, validated work and education history of individual achievements, cataloging the adjusters’ educational history and experience with multiple employers Designation provides the individual possible leverage to seek advancement, increased compensation and better assignments from their employer
  • A valuable “safety net” for professional adjusters regardless of where their careers take them.


Benefits For Employers:

  • RPA system can validate education and work history of an experienced adjuster.
  • Alternative method to train and employ a number of high-end adjusters
  • Method to catalog and administer the educational accomplishments of employees
  • Cost-effective alternative to internal continuing education programs

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