The CPLIC Difference

We at Claim Professionals Liability Insurance Company (“CPLIC”) get a lot of questions. A LOT OF QUESTIONS. Whether its claims, risk management advice, types of coverages needed by a professional, recent legal decisions reverberating through the US or even just about who we are or why we exist, we always give it our best shot in answering. But no matter the question, that’s what we’re here for. To support our industry, provide a valuable resource and be there when needed by everyone that works within the profession.

So whether you are new to the NAIIA, new to the industry or have been around one or both forever, below are some of our favorite questions that will give everyone insight into our organization. Many of you at the NAIIA are already familiar with us, and already trust your insurance with us (good choice!), but if haven’t heard about us yet or haven’t given us a look, it’s never too late to make a good risk management decision.

What is being provided by CPLIC, RRG?

Claim Professionals Liability Insurance Coverage, A Risk Retention Group, provides errors and omissions insurance (aka professional liability) and general liability coverage to individual adjusters, adjusting firms, TPAs, appraisers, umpires, experts, consultants, engineers and more. We also partner with outside carriers to offer EPLI and cyber liability protections.

Why was CPLIC, RRG started?

CPLIC, RRG was created in its early days in conjunction with the National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters to provide Errors & Omissions and General Liability coverage to all claim professionals who met the underwriting criteria and follow sound risk management guidelines. With the unpredictable market swings among national carriers, the founding members thought who better to insure us than ourselves!

Who Owns CPLIC, RRG?

We do. We being the collective policyholders. CPLIC, RRG is a risk retention group (hence the RRG behind its name). There is no private ownership or publicly traded stock. All policyholders are owners and all owners are policyholders. Each policy comes with a share (or shares) of stock in the company, which gives us policyholders voting rights and access to determine the best way to insure ourselves against the risks we see every day.

What does it mean to be a shareholder?

Being a shareholder does not make you liable for any business obligations. Owning a share of stock (or up to 250 shares) allows you to take advantage of all the CPLIC member benefits, such as voting rights and annual dividends (when applicable). Plus, the share value represents a refundable portion of the policy premium and is returned to you upon non-renewal or cancellation, if all other financial obligations are met.

What is different about this coverage?

The CPLIC insurance policy is tailored specifically for independent adjusters and insurance service firms. With broad coverage and limited exclusions, this policy fits exactly what all insurance service providers need to be fully covered in performance of their professional services.

Who is eligible for coverage?

Individual adjusters, adjusting firms, TPAs, appraisers, umpires, experts, consultants, engineers and more! We insure qualified professionals everywhere in the United States.

What do I need besides the E&O coverage?

In addition to the E&O, we offer General Liability and Drone coverage. CPLIC partners with other providers to offer EPLI and Cyber coverage as well. If you’re not sure what coverage you need, contact a team member at CPLIC and we’ll help you out!

Do you offer any other types of services?

Our risk management services are second to none. With decades of subject matter expertise on our staff, we’re available to assist you to eliminate or reduce exposures to your business. Whether it be client contract reviews or general claim management tips and guides, we’re here to help!

Is your company one size fits all?

Our policy was crafted through decades of industry specific expertise. While the coverage is equally broad for everyone, we do offer flexibility to fit your specific needs. Whether it be increased limits on a contract only basis, assistance in premium financing or special terms to meet a specific client needs, our underwriting team will work with you to make sure you have what you need to secure and maintain your client relationships.

How do I get started?

Go to and fill out our online application. Our experienced staff will then provide a quote. Once you approve, we’ll bind your coverage and send a policy declarations page and certificate of insurance for any clients that need proof of coverage. It’s that’s easy!


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