What’s In It For Me?

Hear from a member about why they choose membership in NAIIA

Whenever we choose to join an organization, we normally want to know, “what will I get in return for the money or time invested into the group?”  I had the same questions when I submitted my application to NAIIA.  I thought as a company, this would be easy to quantify.  Exposure to carriers and lines of business that we were not currently servicing was the goal.

What I quickly came to understand was that this group is the most diverse collection of claims professionals in the industry.  Most of our members have more than 25 years in the business and cover all disciplines. The member firms are not competitors, but peers, colleagues and mentors.

Every time we need guidance or help with a particular problem, or when we simply need to know how a particular carrier wants a report, the NAIIA membership is where I go.

NAIIA is a working organization; it is not something to join and just sit back waiting for your benefit.  Professional organizations require you to participate to fully receive all the benefits available.

This is my 30th year in the industry and I feel my professional growth and the growth of our company is directly related to the time I spend inside the NAIIA.  That’s what’s in it for me.

Mitch Whitman
President, Primeco Claims Group


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