Why does the NAIIA assess members?

There have been questions regarding the yearly regional assessments and the reason members are assessed. Your region assesses you in keeping with NAIIA Bylaws sections 8b and 9b. These Bylaws are found below.

What are the assessments used for? Your assessment is used to further the treasury of your region and provide funds for your regional meeting and the expenses of your regional National Advisory Council members, not only for your regional meeting but also for their attendance at the national conference.

8b. Regional: The prorated cost of a regional meeting, constitutionally determined, shall be treated as an assessment. For the purposes of this bylaw, member firms shall be considered members of each region in which they operate a main office, branch offices, or resident adjuster facilities and they shall be subject to such assessments. 

9b. Regional: Regional assessments shall be payable to the regional vice president within 60 days after billing or they shall become delinquent and referred to the national secretary-treasurer for collection when approved by the executive committee. The secretary-treasurer shall then notify the delinquent member firm of his indebtedness. If such member firm shall fail to pay its indebtedness within 30 days of such notification, it shall cease to be a member of the association and shall be notified of the act by the secretary-treasurer, provided, however, that the executive committee shall have power on good cause to reinstate such a membership under conditions the said committee shall deem proper.

Should you have further questions regarding assessments, please contact your Regional VP, Executive Director Sheri Csom or one of the NAIIA officers. Thank you.


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