Assign A Claim

Send New Claims Directly to a Selected NAIIA Member

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Use one of the searches to locate the nearest member, then click the assignment button on that member’s details page. Assignments will go direct to the member via email.

Find a member by location, name, or TPA

Send New Claims Through Our Claims Center

NAIIA’s Call Center is now fully operational and ready to make assigning a claim easier than ever. The NAIIA Call Center is consistently working towards offering higher efficiency and better quality service and claims handling for our client companies. The Call Center vets the member firm which is closest to the claim and is qualified to handle your claim assignment.

For years, there have been Call Centers for National franchise firms. The NAIIA Call Center assigns claim assignments to IA firms that have been thoroughly vetted and are owned and supervised by owners and managers with the NAIIA standard of quality service.