Crowley Fund Scholarship

The Crowley fund was set up in memory of Tim Crowley, an employee of the ASU Group and a huge supporter of the NAIIA. The Crowley Fund was established to provide scholarships to individuals to further continue or enhance their education within the insurance industry.


To provide educational funding to further the career of claim handlers of member firms, subject to the availability of funding in the Crowley Scholarship Fund.


  • Available to member firm employees only. 1099 sub-contract adjusters are not eligible.
  • One $500.00 scholarship is available per adjuster/firm. 
  • Scholarships are awarded on a first come first served basis until funds are depleted from the Crowley Scholarship Fund which currently has a balance of $8,372.79.
  • A copy of the completed course certificate is to be submitted to the NAIIA Executive Director along with the corresponding invoice/invoices and Scholarship Reimbursement Request Form.
  • The scholarship is only eligible for course registration and test registration (if applicable) for the course the student is enrolled. The full designation need not be obtained to qualify for the scholarship.  


Course Eligibility

Any Designation from the following entities is approved for the scholarship:

  • The Institutes
  • American Educational Institute


It’s simple. Sign up for the desired course. Pass the applicable exam. Submit a copy of the completed course along with the Scholarship Reimbursement Request Form and corresponding invoice/invoices to the NAIIA Executive Director. Pre-approval is not required.