What is the NAIIA?

“What is the NAIIA?” I’ve been asked this simple question on more than one occasion. The simple answer, of course, is the “National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters.” And while that may answer the question, I believe a more appropriate question is “who is the NAIIA.”

First, being a member of the NAIIA comes with many benefits:

  • STRENGTH BY ASSOCIATION: The NAIIA is a national association with five regions geographically situated across the U.S. Each region has an annual meeting in a select city. There is also a national meeting held annually, usually at a very nice resort.
  • CONTINUING EDUCATION: Continuing education is offered at both the regional meetings and at our national meeting.
  • NETWORKING: The ability to network with your peers across the nation.
  • MARKETING: The NAIIA publishes The Blue Book, a member directory which is shipped annually to approximately 2,600 insurance companies in January. This information is also accessible on the NAIIA website. This member directory helps enhance your online marketing presence.
  • VENDOR PARTNERS: Members are given discounts from Dell Computers, Enterprise Rent-A-Car as well as other affiliated companies.

SO, WHO IS THE NAIIA? By far, the best part of the association is the members. Members who have the ability to give you guidance or assistance on even the most difficult or obscure claim. Members who can offer guidance to help you become a better business owner. Members who will invest in you as an individual, and make you not only a better adjuster, a better business owner but more importantly, a better person.

I am proud to be a member of the NAIIA.

John Henderson

John Henderson is President of Wickizer & Clutter Inc., which has been providing loss and claim adjusting services to Missouri and surrounding states since 1976. The company was founded on the predication of unmitigated professional claims services at a fair price. Mr. Henderson has been with Wickizer & Clutter, Inc. for twenty-five years, and has been employed as a Claims Representative for Twenty-Seven Years. During his twenty-six year career, he has earned his Associate in Claims designation, Associate in Services designation, and most recently earned his Certified Umpire and Certified Appraiser Designation. John is a member of the NAIIA and the Mid-States Region RVP.


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